Christian Book News - Miriam’s Room by Dianne Sagan

Dianne Sagan's Miriam's Room is the third book in her Women of the Bible series – Miriam's Room offers a courageous and inspiring fictional novel intertwining history and knowledge of the Scripture that makes for fascinating adventures of the heart.  Wife of a wealthy copper trader and prominent community leader in Jerusalem, Miriam and mother of John Mark, endures the Roman reign in first century Jerusalem.  As a mother, she watches over her son in hopes that he will not succumb to the persuasions of religious zealots.  Careful to not push her son away, there is hope on the horizon.  Entertaining with many twists and turns, this novel takes the reader through the streets of Jerusalem, shedding light on the power of prayer while revealing themes of redemption and restoration as Miriam opens her upper room to the teachings of a new Rabbi named Jesus. Miriam's Room is a powerful account of one woman's spiritual journey to transformation despite suppressing circumstances.  Freedom is to be found, but will this new Rabbi be able to restore her broken heart?      

An award winning author, Mrs. Sagan is a member of the Panhandle Professional Writers, Oklahoma Writers Federation, Inc, and the Christian Writer's Guild. Dianne has ghostwritten and co-authored 14 books, as well as authored five works of fiction, two coming out this Fall and Winter. She also spent five years as an opinion editorial columnist for the Amarillo Globe News. Mrs. Sagan defines herself as a hybrid author who has taken a less traveled path. She is best known for her Christian fiction Women of the Bible series. She loves talking with readers and other writers. Dianne says she considers herself not just as Christian writer, but a Christian first and then a writer whose beliefs are reflected in what she writes.

When not writing, speaking at writer's conferences and facilitating workshops, Mrs. Sagan is a Senior Consultant and Vice President with her husband in their Consulting business. They live in Texas and enjoy time off with their family.

You can get your copy of Dianne Sagan's Miriam's Room at Amazon, in Kindle Edition and at other fine online bookstores. Be sure to also visiDianne Sagan's blog.

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