Christian Book Blast - When God Calls: A Faith–Journey Autobiography by Christian author Federico I. Agnir

Author Federico I. Agnir

When God Calls: A Faith–Journey Autobiography by Reverend and Christian author Federico I. Agnir depicts his incredible life story and faith in Jesus Christ in this poignant memoir.  Born in the Philippines, destined and called from birth into the Lord's service, Federico Agnir gives his account of his childhood and then as a young adult, his pilgrimage to the United States in search of the "American Dream."  Fascinating, yet heart breaking at times, Federico's life story will inspire readers everywhere, bringing hope, inspiration and the Good News of the Gospel to all who read it. 

Beginning at his birth in 1939 in a small town in the Philippines, his journey will grip your heart.  Written from a perspective as one who "lived through it" – Agnir gives insight into the World War II era in the Philippines, presenting a truthful and stunning look at past events that changed the world, including his own.  Fast paced and engaging, Agnir takes the reader on a fascinating journey through this his life, through the tumultuous World War II years and gives the reader an understanding that through it all – God is in control and that God can be trusted as true and faithful.  Triumphant and endearing, a movie in the making – don't miss the adventure of Federico I. Agnir in When God Calls: A Faith-Journey Autobiography.

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