One Life to Give by Pastor Rick Blaisdell

Title: One Life to Give
By: Rick Blaisdell
Review Date: November 18, 2013
A Christian Book Review
10.0 out of 10.0 stars

One Life to Give by Pastor and author Rick Blaisdell is a moving memoir of his life and missionary travels to many foreign countries exhibiting the many supernatural and mighty works of God.  As a former drug addict and alcoholic, there came a day when all the hurt, anger and addiction to drugs and alcohol was completely gone as Rick encountered Jesus – with a changed heart, a new life and a love for others that he never knew existed, Rick was a changed man and never looked back.  Come and experience his story of "real" miracles told from his travels to foreign countries as he brought the Gospel to those that were captives, bound in darkness – witness firsthand healing and deliverance from the mission fields.  This book will ignite passion for the Gospel to be preached around the world.  Your one life can make a difference!

Written as an encouragement to those individuals that think their "one life" can't change lives, Rick has given his service wholeheartedly to the Lord.  The reader will find encouragement, hope and inspiration through the journal entries and stories presented, shedding light on the hope of salvation, healing and the new life that the Gospel brings.  Each journey Rick went on led him to new and amazing adventures that exhibit the depth of love, grace and compassion that Jesus Christ has for humanity.  Each account has been typed exactly as the journal entries were first written and are eye-witness accounts by Blaisdell to the glorious healing and hope Jesus brings to individuals that are broken, discouraged and in need of desperate help.  This is a highly recommended read for those that want to "do the real stuff."  Find inspiration and an invitation to find new life in God in this true-to life testimony of one man's life that changed many.  A highly recommended read!

You may also get your copy of One Life to Give by Author Rick Blaisdell in Kindle Edition and at Barnes and Noble. Be sure to visit Pastor Rick's website, One Life To Give Book.

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