New Book Releases - Dig In by Lorieen D. Henry

Lorieen D. Henry is a homemaker, Veteran of the United States Army and holds a BA in journalism from the University of Southern Mississippi.  As a multi-published author, her books inspire and teach the amazing saving grace of the Lord Jesus Christ.   Her latest book is Dig In (offered in Kindle only) this short easy to read daily devotional offers refreshment from God's Word on various subjects from A to Z.  Developed as a personal devotional, this book is perfect to carry in your purse for encouragement and for the teaching of God's Holy Word.  The author's purpose is to help bring understanding to God's Word and inspires a deeper intimacy with God, giving practical biblical application and teaching of the many issues in life today. 

There is a Miracle in 21: God Completes is a deeply poignant book, sharing the author's personal journey on a road to recovery with God.  Her story is one that many women find themselves in – finding themselves in a place of complete discontentment.  No doubt that we all have struggles and life is sometimes not a bowl full of cherries, but as the author proclaims triumphantly from her book - with God we are more than conquerors in Christ and all things are possible with Him.  There's one requirement – you've got to give him your mess (life) before He can fix it.  She writes to encourage, inspire and give hope to others that are going through their own struggles so that they may find hope, love, forgiveness and salvation through Jesus Christ.  Readers will come to discover that there is hope and that God completes as the title speaks. 

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