She Must Be Silent by multi-published Christian author Grace D. Balogun

She Must Be Silent by multi-published Christian author Grace D. Balogun speaks of The Great Commission that is bestowed on both men and women.  The Great Commission has been given to all who believe and are faithful. Taking from Paul in Corinthians where he spoke of the need for women to be silent, the author has written a sound biblical perspective answering many questions as to why this was said by Paul.  Giving the context from which he spoke, the author additionally presents to readers the position of women and their roles within church history.  Taking a look back into various roles of prominent women from the Old Testament to the New Testament, the author comes to the conclusion that women are not only important in the plans and purposes of God, but are to be used mightily by God.  The book culminates into discussing the Holy Spirit empowerment that is available to all and that women are to teach, preach and praise the Lord.
In this book you will learn Scripture and the prominent roles of many different women and prophetesses that were used by God.  This is an educational book that gives Scripture for instruction and reproof that women are to be included within the church.  Women must not be silent is the author's call and proclamation and within this all are called into the greater glory for Christ Jesus. 

The subject is controversial, but clearly through Scripture the author has given the reader fresh insight into the ways of God and how women have been used of God from the Old Testament to the New Testament.  Speaking the truth in love, the author exhorts women everywhere to serve and love God with all their heart while encouraging women all over the world to further themselves in a deeper intimacy and knowledge of God.  A very well-written, highly recommended read for those men or women that are unsure of a woman's place within the Church.

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