Retha Groenewald - Colorful Voice of God

Colorful Voice of God by Retha Groenewald 
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Colorful Voice of God
Retha Groenewald 
"You have one opportunity to prove to me God Speaks to us," the chairman said. "On the table are three different objects you can choose from. These objects are to be used with your Bible. We will convene here, in the boardroom, on Monday morning. Each of you will have 10 minutes to convince me that God speaks. The meeting was adjourned.

John and Peter rushed to the table. John grabbed the laptop, and Peter grabbed the Bible software. Jeremiah was left with a set of colored pens.

The three had a busy weekend with little sleep....and it was Monday. Once again they were sitting around the boardroom table. The chairman looked across the table at the three candidates: "John, you may begin. Your ten minutes starts now. Confidently John stood up and began his presentation using the laptop to present a beautifully, organized slideshow. The chairman clapped his hands after the presentation, and John sat down, satisfied.

"Peter, you are next." Peter stood up, and if possible, he was more confident than John. The chairman also clapped his hands when Peter finished his presentation.

"Jeremiah, it is your turn." When Jeremiah stood up, the other two sniggered when they saw what he had in his hands…colored pens and his Bible.

"Sir," Jeremiah addressed the chairman, "May I ask my colleagues some questions during my presentation?" Surprised and intrigued the chairman agreed.

Jeremiah cleared his throat, and said, "I know God speaks to us. The question I needed to answer was how. How do I prove it? This weekend was probably the greatest adventure of my life. God spoke to me in a new and empowering way. I would like to show you today how God is speaking to you and me, every time we open our Bibles.

"John, do you want to hear God's voice?" "Of course," John replied."What about seeing when God is speaking to us?"

"What," John asked surprised. "God speaks in different ways to us every day, wherever we are. The Bible is full of His words," Jeremiah explained, opening his Bible. His Bible had various colored markings on the pages. John and Peter burst out laughing.

Jeremiah smiled, opening his Bible to Luke 18 verses 16 and 17. "The Bible tells us that we should receive the kingdom of God like a child."

"What does the verse have to do with God speaking to us, and us hearing God's voice," the chairman asked.

"The Bible verse was very relevant to me, because the tools I had in my hand were the tools of a child…coloring pens." Jeremiah replied. "The words are the words Jesus Christ spoke. I marked all His words with the color red."

"So what," Peter said sarcastically. "There are many Bibles with Jesus' words marked in red."

"True," Jeremiah continued calmly. "These words in red prove that Jesus speaks to us. Jeremiah turned to the Old Testament. "I have chosen the color of royalty, purple, to mark where God speaks directly in first person," he continued. "God also speaks to us through visions, dreams and angels. Those words I marked with blue. When somebody speaks on God's behalf in the third person, I marked the words with the color brown, and when a passage refers to God speaking, I marked it with green. God also speaks to us through His miracles. I have chosen the color gold for all God's miracles and different acts of God."

The chairman couldn't contain the excitement anymore. "In other words, this written proof shows us, not only that God speaks to us, but how much He speaks to us. Jeremiah, you have truly proven that God speaks to us. I can see it with my own eyes. You have created a God Speaks Bible. We need to share this."

"What about when you don't have your Bible with you," Peter asked. Jeremiah smiled,
"We develop an app for tablets and phones for people to use."

The alarm went off, waking Jeremiah from his dream. "What a strange dream," Jeremiah thought getting out of the bed. "It would be wonderful to have such a Bible. I wonder if my dream can come true." Jeremiah stepped on something. He looked down. "What is a purple pen doing on the floor?"

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