New Book Release - Footprints of God in Every Season by Merton Lee

Title: Footprints of God in Every Season
By: Merton Lee
ISBN#: 978-1475979725
Review Date: June 7, 2013
A Christian Book Review
10.0 out of 10.0 stars

Footprints of God in Every Season by Christian author, Merton Lee, is a poignant book capturing wisdom, faith and encouragement from a biblical perspective, enabling pastors and Christians to discover purpose and fulfillment through God's wisdom filled-truths.  This book is intended to be a 'ground-breaking' handbook in becoming a mature and fruitful believer.  Seen through the eyes of God, past experiences, Scripture and poetic writings, the author has filled the book with many original and re-written versions of famous writings and quotes from famous people and writers.  The book also addresses many age-old questions such as why we exist, what is our purpose and why does God allow bad things to happen.  This is an inspiring and uplifting read for those that love literature and the Lord.   

Offering hope to readers through inspiring true stories and narratives presented and themed by the seasons of the year: spring, summer, autumn and winter, the author gives inspiring quotes from many famous people and writers such as Mother Teresa, Helen Keller and Emily Dickinson, that help readers better understand themselves and the light of Jesus Christ.  Included is the well-known poem 'Footprints' that has been revised by the author.     

This book is an inspiring gem, with many different facets, presenting wisdom for a weary world.  It gives insight into the Kingdom of God and encourages all to look up to the One and only -  Jesus Christ.  This is one of those books that has the potential of being a classic in your literary collection.  If you love literature, poems and God's wisdom for fruitful living, you will appreciate this book.  This book would also make an excellent gift for those who are struggling, who don't know God or simply need encouragement.  I can just see it sitting on my coffee table with its inviting cover…I want to go where that picture is taken!  You will too! 

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