Christian Book Marketing Author's Article Blast, Award-winning and multi-published author, Yolanda Shanks

Award-winning and multi-published author, Yolanda Shanks, writes to believers in her latest release, A Cause to Be Thankful, asking the question, "What if we took that renewed spirit of thankfulness and applied it to our relationship with God?"

In today's fast-paced society with technology at our fingertips that is almost as fast as the speed of light, do we stop and look up to thank God, or others in our lives for that matter? 

Author Yolanda Shanks thoughtfully and biblically answers these questions, revealing a spirit of entitlement that has pervaded modern society.  By examination of biblical examples, such as King David and the ten healed lepers found in Luke 17, one of whom came back to thank the Lord Jesus Christ, the author presents a thought provoking and challenging read.  The author has penned this book so that readers would understand that they do have a cause to be thankful and they can rejoice in all circumstances. 

As an experienced author, Bible study teacher and past suicide survivor, Yolanda Shanks writes with compassion and straightforwardness in this latest release.  Yolanda Shanks other endeavors include the award-winning Destine to Live, Despite Me that was birthed during her darkest times that was written to be a "blueprint for the journey from life's breaking point to the victorious life in Jesus Christ."  This is an amazing and triumphant encounter that will not only inspire readers, but answers many questions that suicide survivors might face after a failed attempt. 

Not Just a Hearer But a Doer is her second book that is volume one of a Bible study entitled, "Deliberately Living Life Devotional Study."  Created as a 31-day devotional this book is a call to act upon the Word as each day brings enlightenment through scripture interpretation, application and memory verses.  This study is interactive and is either for the individual or for a group setting. 

Yolanda Shanks life is a powerful testimony to the transforming power of Jesus Christ.  Her testimony is awe-inspiring.  She now has been used mightily of God to bless others with the Word of God, His knowledge and wisdom, but also has been chosen as a spiritual leader to bring empowerment to those that are in Christ.  

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