Forgive Our Debts As We Forgive Our Debtors by Grace Dola Balogun

Forgiveness is sometimes the hardest thing that any human being must do. It is not always easy to forgive those who have offended us, done wrong to us or deeply hurt us. It is equally as difficult for us to sometimes ask others to forgive us when we have done them wrong.

Multi-published Christian author, Grace Dola Balogun, explores the issue of forgiveness from a biblical perspective.  With the Scripture from the Lord's Prayer as a backdrop, "Forgive us our debts, as we forgive our debtors. . . ," the author delves into why forgiveness is monumentally important for the Christian spiritually, but for emotional and physical healing as well.  The author points out that unless we forgive others, the Father in Heaven cannot forgive our sins.  This is a stark warning against any kind of judgment, resentment or grudges that we may wish to hold within our consciousnesses.  A release of others is therefore required, which brings amazing results.  Come and learn how forgiveness can impact every area of your life.

This is a highly informative read and is written with biblical wisdom.  This book is recommended for new and mature believers alike and can also be used in a group Bible study setting.  What is refreshing about this book is that the foundation is formed from Scripture.  The author does not preach her opinions, but merely the power and authority of the Word of God in humanities' lives.  If you enjoy a biblically sound teaching based on Scripture, you will enjoy this book.

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