For Immediate Release - Christian Author Nancy Janes releases, The Boy Who Walked a Way

A CBM Christian Book Marketing Press Release
The Boy Who Walked a Way - a fiction fantasy novel.  This is a tale of a young boy who sets out on a seven-day journey of lifetime.  Bringing transformation, this journey will set him on a path that gives hope and faith.  The reader can relish in the innocence of a child that is reclaimed from this novel and from the power of true belief.  The main character, young Jal, learns the absolute power of faith and belief on his way to an enduring kingdom, to where there is peace.  This novel appeals to all young adults and encourages the awareness of self and triumphing over past circumstances into a bright new future.

It is the year 2162 and the hundred-year peace has been broken; amidst the violence and chaos of his country, Jal Valhyn, is faced with yet another tragedy.  He has watched, as his entire family has been broken apart.  Alone, heartbroken and lost in despair, he falls asleep in his exhaustion.  He is then visited by an invisible being that helps him on his journey to another world, out of the chaos and destruction, to a place that never ends where there is hope, happiness and peace.  Each day is a new beginning of discovery and his two companions, Bea and Sammie, teach him to develop confidence in himself and mastery over circumstances. 

Nancy Janes is a clinical social worker who finds inspiration in relaying the human experience and her own into novels that entertain and enlighten, giving young adults help in having confidence in themselves throughout their own journey and gives insight into conquering past circumstances. 

For more information visit Author Nancy Janes. You may get your copy of The Boy Who Walked a Way at Amazon in paperback and Kindle Edition.