Christian Book Review - Thrice Trumpeted Truths-Clearly Spoken 3 Times

Title: Thrice Trumpeted Truths-Clearly Spoken 3 Times
By: J. Mark Holland
A CBM Christian Book Review
Review Date: March 1, 2013
ISBN# 978-1-4497-7401-1
9.9 out of 10.0 stars

Thrice Trumpeted Truths-Clearly Spoken 3 Times by Christian author J. Mark Holland is a fascinating Bible study on the occurrence of significant biblical truths repeated in the Scripture.  The author started his search upon noticing this pattern of announcing truths in the Book of Genesis.  To his amazement, he found a unique pattern within the Scriptures. Over 100 biblical principles and truths are presented in this Biblical study.  The author asks the question of why?  This book answers that important question, and takes note of a pattern as it relates to mankind and to God.  Those who love a challenge, and a unique, but biblically founded material, will find this an interesting adventure that will bless them with knowledge of these principals, giving them a wealth of wisdom that can be applied in one's life. 

The question one asks is, why is 3 so important.  Upon further investigation, the author correspondingly answers; why should we be surprised that our creator, existing as the trinity, should set forth such patterns.  These patterns exist even in the creation of the universe, in time as the past, present and future, in space that takes length, width and height to measure it, in matter where atoms are made of protons, neutrons and electrons, as well in the natural status of matter that are: solid, liquid and gas, to include the primary colors of red, blue and yellow from which other colors are made.  This is an exciting study that will open the readers mind to the truth and certainty of scripture given three times, where God is saying, "Did you not hear me?  I said it three times."  The reader will be challenged to take seriously scripture that is mentioned in triplet in that it is also a call to obedience to God, His Word and the Scripture.

This is an amazing and analytical read that ties all the loose ends of this question, why 3 and what is the significance together.  Not only will the reader understand that God is a God of order and that numbers have hidden meanings, but one will be amazed at the absoluteness of this pattern set forth and the meaning.  This Bible study is recommended for Pastors, small group leaders or for the individual.  A fascinating, highly recommended Bible study.  

~ Thrice Trumpeted Truths - Clearly Spoken 3 Times by Christian Author J. Mark Holland
For more information about the author  and the book visit 3Truths.  Thrice Trumpeted Truths-Clearly Spoken 3 Times is available on Amazon, in Kindle Edition and at other fine online bookstores.

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