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A CBM Book Trailer Production of Dearest Children by Author T.R. Lipscomb

In Dearest Children, T. R. Lipscomb shares very candidly her family's journey through life. Her story is a very real look at life, marriage and children from the eyes of one who did not live the fairytale story with a fairytale ending. It is a true story that is raw with the reality and emotion that unfortunately, is probably closer to the reality of life for most in this day and age.

After all of the details, twists and turns in this story, T. R. Lipscomb's life lesson is that if you put your trust in God and look to Him to provide peace, comfort and healing, He can heal your family relationships and help you get through any situation that you are facing in life! Get your copy of Dearest Children by Author T.R. Lipscomb at Advantage Books

Book Trailer by CBM Christian Book Trailers

False Regions, False Doctrines - “Beware the Winds of Doctrine” by Author Henry Miranda

"Beware the Winds of Doctrine" by Author Henry Miranda is a call to stand fast upon the Holy Word of God, the Bible. As many preach the Gospel, we as Christians are called to be diligent students of the Word of God. By doing this we are taking hold of the truth, which enables us to have the knowledge not to be deceived. Many false teachers and preachers evangelize a Gospel that has turned away from the true Word of God. Henry Miranda in his book exhorts the born again Christian to study diligently the Word of God in this hour to know the truth and to not be led away by false doctrines.

As winds blow from one place to another, so the author writes that preachers have turned from the Word of God to become people pleasers. Many preach not the true Word of God, but preach what people want to hear. We as Christians are called to live a godly, holy life of repentance, turning away from sin and the lure of the world. Knowing your Bible will not only keep you from being deceived by false doctrines, but will also lead the reader on a path to living a life in Christ.

False religion is a tool of man and Satan that can keep one bound in false doctrine. therefore, we must know the Gospel of Jesus Christ only and daily live out the Gospel in our own lives as followers of Christ.

The author backs up his work by many scripture references. This book is suggested to be very helpful for the new Christian. Henry Miranda urges others to study the entire Bible in context and to read fully the entire gospel of Jesus Christ. We are to test the teachings we hear, to make sure they line up according to scripture. Jesus warned that there would be many false teachers and false prophets and warned us to be aware of wolves in sheep's clothing. The author is sounding the call to all Christians to study according to the Bible and not to believe everything that is preached from the pulpit.

Henry Miranda is a Bible teacher, Author, Writer and Evangelist. He lives in Southern California and has four daughters. He has written five books to include:

Eternal Life, Fellowship with God: Bright Lights on the Path Leading to Jesus, You've Been Warned, The Path to Eternal Life and his current book, Beware the Winds of Doctrine. You can learn more about Henry Miranda and his books by visiting Author Henry Miranda.

To order Author Henry Miranda's book Beware the Winds of Doctrine and other Henry Miranda books visit Beware the Winds of Doctrines on Amazon. You may also get the book on Kindle and you may also visit the writer at Faithwriters where you can read additional writings by the author.

Christian Author Article Blasts by CBM Christian Book Marketing

Author Samuel O. Enyia - Be Healed! Challenges and Triumphs of Health and Healing

Title: Be Healed! Challenges and Triumphs of Health and Healing
Author: Samuel O. Enyia
ISBN # 978-1-4568-0070-3 (soft cover),
Hardcover and E-book editions available
Review Date: January 24, 2012
Reviewed by CBM Christian Book Reviews
9.9 stars on a scale of 10.0 stars

Author and previous pastor, Samuel O. Enyia in his book, "Be Healed! Challenges and Triumphs of Health and Healing" writes to all those who are afflicted with any disease, sickness or suffering. He offers hope and encouragement to all those that are suffering and hopes they may find help, comfort, inspiration and "… ultimately healing in their own lives." The author encourages the reader to not give up no matter what the circumstances may speak, and encourages those who have faith in Jesus not to give up. Having had his own life threatening challenges and having experienced miraculous healing in his own life, the author is uniquely qualified to testify to the triumphant healing he has received and witnessed in his family members' lives as well. While challenges present themselves, triumphantly and courageously, Enyia boldly proclaims the Gospel and faithfully writes that the healing of Jesus is available to all. This book points the reader to the one Who is the ultimate Healer and Great Physician, Jesus. A much needed book in these times, as many desire recovery and restoration to health.

This book is invaluable in our world today in that it takes a comprehensive look at the subject, and often controversial, issue of divine healing. Going back to the beginning in the Book of Genesis the author takes the reader through a faith filled journey that educates the reader on the origin of sickness, the fall, who is it that heals, the ministry of healing through prayer and Christians, Jesus' mandate and mission, healing gifts, healing in Acts and why are all not healed. Emphatically, the author claims the Word of God is truth and must be relied upon for healing, and states that in today's world while medical intervention is available, sometimes this is not always the answer or the only answer.

Each chapter is revealing and compelling as the author delves into the miraculous works of Jesus during His ministry on earth. Offering the reader faith and the Word of God, the author builds faith because, "Faith comes by hearing the Word of God…" The book is refreshing in that the author does not give his opinion, but rather offers the revealed Word of God as the core foundation of his book.

Addressing the skeptics, the author honestly approaches the questions asked of some such as why is one person healed and one is not? Why are all not healed? And why does the church not experience miracles as in times past? All these questions are answered, by not a pumping up of faith, but by honestly referring the reader back to the Word of God.

Ending with strategies of how best to go through, battle and wage war against illness, Enyia, gives the reader faith to stand upon that is rich in scripture. Holy Spirit inspired, this writing will edify, encourage and educate the Body of Christ. Written by a man of great faith and one who has seen miraculous healing in his own life; the author has been faithful to the Lord in writing this book as to encourage all to not give up! What comfort and inspiration this book will offer to many. This book will become a life preserver for many offering answers and life to many who are suffering with disease and prolonged illnesses. A must read and a highly recommended book that will forever change your life and build your faith!

Be Healed! Challenges and Triumphs of Health and Healing by Samuel O. Enyia

A Highly Recommended Read
9.9 stars on a scale of 10.0 stars
Reviewed by CBM Christian Book Reviews

Author, Joshua Doshick Joe Holy Spirit, Hover Over Me - The Miraculous Healing Power Available Through the Holy Spirit

Title: Holy Spirit, Hover Over Me
By: Joshua Doshick Joe
ISBN # 0-9740677-1-7
Review Date: February 15, 2012
Reviewed by Christian Book Reviews
9.8 stars on a scale of 10.0 stars

"Holy Spirit, Hover Over Me" is the incredible and miraculous personal testimony of the author, Joshua Doshick Joe, who has witnessed the Holy Spirit move mightily in his life and in the life of others. Author and Missionary Chairman of The Whole Race Gospel and Missionary Service, Rev. Joshua Doshick Joe, writes as inspired by the Holy Spirit with compassion, mercy and service to the Lord giving account to the numerous supernatural miracles witnessed by him through the power of the Holy Spirit. Reading this book, "Holy Spirit, Hover Over Me" will certainly change your life and your perspective.

As a man once filled with greed and only concerned with big business and money, Reverend Joshua Doshick Joe gives his personal supernatural testimony as to how the Holy Spirit changed him from a man that only satisfied his desires to a man that lives to serve God, giving all the glory to God and the Holy Spirit. Filled with the Holy Spirit, the author testifies to seeing the deaf healed, the lame walk, the sick cured, all done through the mighty power of the Holy Spirit.

Giving all the glory to God, the author has penned his book as a prayer journal of the author's time in prayer and words received from the Holy Spirit. The author has recorded the teachings from the Holy Spirit in hopes that others will learn from them and come into the full knowledge of the Trinity. The author was led on a long journey for many years, reading the Bible from very early in the morning to late at night, as the Holy Spirit taught him according to the scriptures. As the author testifies to many times, the Holy Spirit gave all the teachings and scripture that are recorded in this book. Not only will the reader be inspired by the miraculous testimony, but they will also acquire a deeper knowledge of the Bible and the workings and ministry of the Holy Spirit.

Through his book, "Holy Spirit, Hover Over Me" the author's amazing testimony reveals the miraculous healing power available through the Holy Spirit as the author testifies to being healed of seven different chronic diseases from which he suffered for more than 30 years. His wife was also miraculously healed by infirmities and afflictions from which the medical doctors could find no cause. Faith will increase as the readers see that through prayer and the power of the Holy Spirit, "Nothing is impossible with God."

This book will open the eyes of many, uplift and encourage faith, teaching believers to rely on the Holy Spirit as "your teacher." A highly recommended, fast-paced read that will lead the path to a richer, powerful ministry led by the Holy Spirit.

Visit Holy Spirit, Hover Over Me by Joshua Doshick Joe for further information. You may also order Holy Spirit Hover Over Me on Amazon.

A Wonderful Read
9.9 stars on a scale of 10.0 stars
Christian Books Reviews by CBM Christian Book Reviews

Which God, Which Religion, Which True

Why Everyone’s Belief About God Cannot Be True

Many sincere and good people, who have varying beliefs about God, have the right to believe whatever they want. However, everyone’s belief cannot be true when it comes to God’s existence and identity. This is not uncaring or intolerant; it’s simply, as we have just reviewed how truth works. If truth could contradict itself, a Christian and an Atheist would both be correct about God’s existence and we know this is impossible.

Suppose you were a detective and six people showed up (an Atheist, Buddhist, Muslim, Mormon, Hindu and Christian) with different stories claiming to be the sole heir of a tremendous fortune. Could they all be telling the truth? No, you would immediately recognize the obvious problem, six people claiming to be the sole heir is a contradiction and could not possibly be true.

Therefore you would check out their stories and follow the evidence to uncover the truth. At some point their explanations would be contradictory to the facts in your investigation. Once you discover who the actual heir is, you would know for certain that the other five claims were false, no matter how close to the truth they appeared.

When it comes to God we have a similar situation. Many people have shown up and claim to know the truth about God. On the surface it may seem like most of them are headed in the same direction. But when we look closer, we see that they all contradict each other when it comes to the most important points, like salvation. Christianity is the sole belief that teaches salvation by God’s grace, through faith alone. The others teach works (good deeds) and specific conditions as a necessity. Both can’t be right.

For a further in depth look into the above thought provoking article, visit Gravity, True For You But Not For Me where you will find an abundance of thought provoking information about eternal life. You may also get your own free e-Book of Gravity, True For You But Not For Me on Smash Words and Amazon.

A Unforgettable Children's Story - A Lump of Clay by Bobby Holliday

Title: A Lump of Clay
Author: Dr. Bobby Holliday
ISBN # 978-0-9829082-1-1
Review Date: February 01, 2012
Reviewed by: CBM Christian Book Reviews
10.0 stars on a scale of 10.0

"A Lump of Clay" by Dr. Bobby Holliday is a truly enchanting tale of a little lump of clay that was created for a very special purpose. Inspired by her memory of an "imperfect, but much loved…" piece of pottery that she created at the pottery wheel during her high school years, Author Dr. Bobby Holliday, has created an unforgettable children's story that will delight and teach young children that they are valuable and created for a very special purpose. This book triumphantly encourages children, and adults alike, that even though life is full of trials and tribulations, and even when sometimes life does not go as planned, God does have a purpose, a very special purpose for them because He loves them.

With beautiful illustrations done by Rebecca Price, accompanied with an audio CD done by the author who was the voice of the Lioness played by Angelina Jolie in Kung Fu Panda 1 and 2 and talented artists such as Rodger Bumpass, the voice of Squidward in SpongeBob SquarePants, this colorful, full-sized book with classic illustrations, will keep little readers fully engaged while teaching many Christian "Life-Lessons."

Perfect for a bedtime story, this wonderful children's fiction book is set in Old Jerusalem, in the, "Old City of King David." Dr. Holliday weaves in historical biblical figures in this creative tale of a little lump of clay that thought he was going to be the greatest, most beautiful and prestigious creation ever to be molded by the old famous potter, "Manasseh." Little did the lump of clay know that he was created for an even more spectacular and special purpose, more magnificent than he could have ever imagined or asked to have had the humble privilege of participating in.

Truly a masterpiece that you and your child will cherish together again and again! This endearing tale is destined to become a classic that will inspire, encourage and open communication with your child about Christian virtues and morals while showing your child that they are valuable and very special to God. There are so many truly wonderful gems and nuggets that can be gleaned from the tale of "A Lump of Clay." You'll want to keep this book and pass it down from generation to generation as you read it to your own children. A great gift idea for loved ones and a highly recommended read for young children.

For more information about the author and her books you may contact the author through her website at Lady Hawk Press.

A Lump of Clay is also available at Amazon. Other fine online bookstores and at The Author's Book Page at Book Masters.

A Lump of Clay by Dr. Bobby Holliday

An Amazing Read!
10.0 stars on a scale of 10.0 stars
Reviewed by CBM Christian Book Marketing
Book Reviews by CBM Christian Book Reviews