Experiencing Jesus’ Joy Holiday Special - Get Your Copy Now

Dr. Joseph wrote Experiencing Jesus' Joy to help all who want to experience more joy and inner peace from their walk with God. Chapter-by-chapter, he has laid out a biblical overview of God's desired purpose for all looking in-depth at key points of God's desire and the crippling effects of Satan's deceptions as he turns many from God and the blessings that come from following Jesus. As you read through each chapter realizing more fully what God is asking of you and what Satan is doing to quench the leading of the Holy Spirit, you will be liberated to follow Jesus more fully realizing greater and greater godly joy and inner peace. Let this book help unlock key scriptural truths so that you will be able to walk with God in confidence and in so doing, experience firsthand His good plans for your life.

This last year, Brother James has conducted several group studies utilizing Experiencing Jesus' Joy resulting in some new and renewed commitments to follow Jesus more closely. This is a great book for personal Bible study or small groups to help develop a closer walk with God. With Christmas right around the corner, why not give a gift to family and friends that will help develop better godly understanding and potentially more godly joy and inner peace? Pastors, you might consider preparing for a church-wide study next year. Brother James will be glad to come and work through a one or two night seminar introducing the principles in Experiencing Jesus' Joy  to get your church started.

Contact Brother James at josephijs@roadrunner.com.
Take advantage of this offer, the holiday special and bless someone this Christmas with a copy of Experiencing Jesus' Joy, which is available through the author's website In Jesus' Service.

In addition, it may be purchased through Amazon or Barnes and Noble.