Coming January 2013 - The Unspeakable by Author Tessa Stockton

Who said forgiveness was easy?

When a furtive conflict is pitted between violent leftist guerrillas and a rightwing paramilitary group in Colombia, a North American woman mistakenly gets caught in the middle.

"I spent four months, one week and two days in a clandestine prison referred to as The Water Cave. Every day I stared hell in the face, and each day I wanted to die. I don't want to share too much too quickly. To understand fully, you must join hands with me, fasten your heart to mine, and course through my book.    

Stumble over the incomprehensible human rights journey with me. I've pondered it to the brink of questionable sanity, and it is the only way. It's the only way to explain. I suppose I should  consider myself lucky I survived at all—for many did not—yet, perplexingly so, that's not the premise of this narrative.

~ He altered my life, marked me forever.
~ But it's not how you might imagine.
~ This is a story involving Horacio Botello, my torturer known as Puma."

The Unspeakable
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* Article use with permission from the author.