Author Michael J. Webb releases The Oldest Enemy

The Oldest Enemy, by Christian fiction writer Michael J. Webb, is a fascinating thriller that will keep readers coming back for more.  Filled with descriptive encounters with the supernatural, Webb's fourth novel is a fast-paced, action-packed story that will keep you turning pages, and keep you up at night.  

The author has woven together intricate details of the past and present (including a World War II Nazi connection) with a biblical perspective and well-developed characters into an intriguing plot that will keep his readers on the edge of their seats.  An ancient evil has risen, and only one man can stop it from destroying the world.   Challenging and provocative, Webb insightfully illuminates the reality of the spiritual warfare being waged around us on a daily basis.  

Well-written and enticing, the story races toward an unexpected conclusion that will surely satisfy and "…stay with you," as one reviewer wrote.  A must-read for those who enjoy the supernatural, intrigue, history, science fiction, and espionage written from a Christian worldview.   Michael J. Webb is a multi-published author who writes about the intersection of the supernatural, science fiction, and espionage all intertwined with history.  As a Christian, he gives insight into evil and the supernatural that, although invisible, is a reality in the world.  This novel involves that "old serpent," Satan, working through the depravity of mankind to wreak havoc upon humanity.
You can find out more about the author and his books at Michael J. Webb or at Michael J. Webb's Amazon Page. 

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