A documentary on Chuck Smith and the Calvary Chapel Movement

'What God Has Wrought' - a documentary on Chuck Smith and the Calvary Chapel Movement

By Janey DeMeo
Special to ASSIST News Service

VISTA, CA (ANS) -- One of the greatest spiritual revivals to sweep America, even the world, was the Jesus Movement. It happened back in the late sixties and early seventies during the hippy era, and one of the key players was Chuck Smith.

"What God Has Wrought" tells the story of Chuck Smith and the birth of the Jesus Movement and Calvary Chapel, a then small Southern California church that he had just become the pastor of.

It's a story that has marked history in remarkable ways, changed lives radically; a story well worth hearing (and seeing).

During that period of upheaval in America, most hippies were young people reacting to society and tradition and in pursuit of authenticity, meaning, love and peace. Many thought they'd found it in drugs, revolutionary music and their free-love lifestyles.

The older generation, for the most part, viewed them as a bunch of grungy losers, but not Kay, wife of Pastor Chuck Smith. She saw them not as losers but as lost. And she wanted to help them find their way back home.

Chuck Smith found himself acquiescing to his wife's compassion and soon found his church, Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa, filling up with barefoot, longhaired "seekers"-week after week. Men such as Greg Laurie, Mike MacIntosh, Raul Ries, and many other now prominent Calvary Chapel pastors.

These young people were hungry for truth, peace and love. They wanted to belong to a cause bigger than themselves. They found it at Calvary Chapel within the simple expository teaching of Chuck Smith, teaching that simply pointed them to Jesus. They were excited and passionate about their newfound faith, and eager to express it.

This led to the birth of contemporary Christian music which sounded a lot like an amalgam of Beatles and Beach Boys-a very sixties sound-but with Christian words. It was a musical revolution and it caused quite a stir amongst the traditional crowd.

The recently released documentary, "What God Has Wrought" is a riveting account of how Calvary Chapel became the catalyst for the Jesus Movement. It includes interviews with Chuck Smith, testimonies from those who were transformed by though this outpouring, flashbacks to actual church services, testimonies and clips of the Jesus Movement bands such as Love Song.

Talking about his role during the Jesus People movement, Chuck Smith said, "I didn't want to direct the Holy Spirit, I just wanted to find out how the Holy Spirit was moving and get in the boat and move with him."

It is heart stirring, inspiring and well worth watching. The DVD has also just won "Best Documentary 2012" at The International Christian Film Festival in Irvine, California on October 6th, 2012.

For more info on "What God Has Wrought", or to order a copy of the DVD, visit: www.visionvideo.com or www.screensaversentertainment.com.

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