Multi Published Christian Author Paul Kasch, Three Must Read Books

15 Unbiblical Christian Compromises

15 Unbiblical Christian Compromises, by author Paul Kasch, is a must read book for every Christian and non-believer alike.

Paul Kasch reveals the spiritual truths underlying many worldly practices that become compromises to the Christian and that many unknowingly participate in. These such compromises have a true root and have become mainstream in western society. The Bible states, "My people perish for lack of knowledge." In today's modern society unknowing and well meaning Christians may participate in these worldly compromises only to open the door to many other problems, leading to destruction and tragedy in their lives. The author has given fifteen unbiblical compromises that arm the reader with rich biblical knowledge, therefore allowing for one to be able to protect one's family from the many destructive traps of the enemy.

The Two Hells by Paul Kasch

The Two Hells, by author Paul Kasch, is a biblically based book expounding on scripture of the two hells described in the Bible. Most people believe that there is a hell and that the "bad people" may go there. In his book, the author gives scriptural foundation of hell and reveals that there are two hells described in the Bible. One is only temporary and is currently occupied by humans only; the other is eternal where one day all the residents of the temporary hell will be cast into eternal damnation with satan and his minions. Come and learn that the two hells are real and how not to become a permanent resident.

Biblical Principles for Financial Success-This amazing book sets forth biblical principles given by God Himself that gives a pathway and heart attitude to financial success. The Bible warns against having an attitude of selfish desire and manipulation towards God and finances to obtain our desires. Instead the author offers a fresh and true set of principals that have been proven effective by many Christians that can attest to the truth of these principles and the absolute power of following wise instruction given by the Bible. Contrary to what you may have experienced or believe, the author reveals that God really does want to bless His children. Following these guidelines will not only enrich your life so that you may become, ". . . a tree planted by rivers of living water" and that, ". . . blessings poured out in such abundance," become part of your own walk, but this lifestyle expands to bless others as well.

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