A CBM Christian Author Press Release - Apprehended and Apprehending by M.J. André

A CBM Christian Author Press Release
September 12, 2012

Apprehended and Apprehending by M.J. André

Christian author, M.J. André, releases the first of the Wilderness Series, Apprehended and Apprehending. Based on Philippians 3:10-12, the author establishes a scriptural foundation throughout and shares the personal wilderness wanderings and elaborates on what true Christianity really is. Despite what is preached from the pulpit, true Christianity is based on a discipleship with Christ and the Holy Spirit to those that are chosen. This view may be radical for some, but is the true Gospel that leads the reader to an understanding of "why" the wilderness experience is the only way to this discipleship. Many get lost throughout this process and lose hope. It is the author's hopes to give light to those on this path, obtaining true Salvation is not necessarily what we think or hear from mainstream Christianity. Do we truly know Him and are we walking after the desire of His heart, fully surrendered to Him? Or do we just want Him to come and clean up our life? Giving the reader a chance to fully examine his heart, it is the author's hopes that many will find encouragement, understanding, knowledge and true faith as they seek their redeemer and find Him!

An excerpt from the author's website states, "M. J. André is an aspiring writer who has learned true Christianity at the feet of Christ through brokenness and seven years of unending wilderness process that left the soul undone!" This book will move you to come up higher in your faith and cautions others to gage their own motives of the heart to see if they are truly living in the faith. The author does not desire self promotion, but has a desire to see others come through the 'Job' process cleansed, washed in His blood, redeemed and Holy walking with their Lord.

For further information, about author M.J. André, the book, Apprehended and Apprehending, visit Apprehended ..

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The author can be contacted or M.J can be reached at: brokenness70@gmail.com

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