Author Dan Hurst releases Broken Dreams, Shattered Lives, eleven practical principles to get life back on track

Author, Dan Hurst releases a wonderful book, Broken Dreams, Shattered Lives-Putting Life Back Together. Encouraging, inspiring, easy-to-read and engaging, the author gives the reader eleven practical principles to get life back on track.

This mini-book is written for those in crisis or that have experienced past trauma. Written with honesty and much biblical wisdom, these eleven practical principles extracted from God's Word will help those that feel hopeless back onto a path of life with God in their future. Make no mistake, life does not come without challenges, as the author notes, but there is a way to put your life back together again; moving ahead in a positive manner is a must, but can only be done by dependence on God. Refreshing and uplifting this book offers solace and solutions to those whose lives have been broken.

The author will be the first to say that his book is not a magical formula, but offers small, practical steps with God to lead you onto the right path from a biblical perspective. The author thoughtfully takes a glimpse at some of life's devastating circumstances and writes with compassion to all, giving the reader hope, inspiration and a sound biblical road map to recovery. Whether you have experienced the death of a loved one, experienced the ravages of divorce or simply are paying the consequences for your own sin, the author shows how God can turn your test into a testimony.

Dan Hurst is a multi-published author and Bible teacher. He has many years of experience in helping and counseling others, helping many back to a path of life with Jesus Christ. Take a wonderful journey through the pages of this book and be refreshed, encouraged, and filled with life changing faith. Each page and chapter will bless you while providing you with sound Biblical wisdom.

For more information about the author and the book be sure to visit Broken Dreams, Shattered Lives-Putting Life Back Together. The book is also available on Amazon and other fine online bookstores. Be sure to pick up your copy and a copy for a friend.