Christian Author Dolly Holland - Jesus Cares, Mountains Are Moved by Prayer, What Is The Role of a Woman and Precious Memories

Dolly Holland is the author of 4 wonderful books such as, Jesus Cares, Mountains Are Moved by Prayer, What Is The Role of a Woman and Precious Memories. She is the wife of Pastor Robert P. Holland. Dolly and her husband have two lovely daughters and are the grandparents of three wonderful grandchildren

Here are a few book reviews taken from Dolly's blog where she shares her heart, her love for Jesus, her family, and her books.


Inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these brethren, ye have done it unto me (Matt. 25:40 KJV). This scripture could be used to sum up the desire Dolly Holland has to help others.

I have known Dolly since 1982 when she and her husband Bob came to a small community to pastor the church where I attended. They left the pastoral ministry for a while to work with troubled youth and later returned to a nearby community to plant a new church. During that time we kept in touch, and now she is my pastor's wife again. She truly is a sister in Christ and most of all a very good friend. I cherish her friendship.

Dolly has had her share of hurt, but it has given her a heart to see the needs of others without condemning them. As she helps others in their weakness, she grows stronger. Joy shines out of her face as she shares what God has been able to do through her. It brings alive the scripture—the joy of the Lord is our strength. To sum it all up, Dolly knows where that strength comes from, Jesus.

~ Lorraine Magaw


Prayer is a mighty tool for children of God who make good use of it. Though prayer, barriers are broken down and miracles take place. God changes circumstances as well as many other situations.

It is my privilege to write a few words about a woman who honestly believes that with prayer mountains are moved. God has healed her body many times because of her immovable faith in the power of prayer.

After reading this book on prayer, I believe that God will open for you what prayer can do, because with prayer mountains are moved.

~ Leah Wolf Holland

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