Future Focus Relating to God as We Approach the End Times by Author Larry Adams

Author Larry Adams in his book Future Focus: Relating to God as We Approach the End Times has written an introspective book that opens up God's Word to the reader, causing the reader to examine one's life in the mirror of God's Word. The author states that we must look to who He is and what is written in His Word, rather than rely upon our own assumptions. These assumptions are our belief system on which we judge situations and individuals. The author states that while many have become accustom to living by their assumptions, we as Christians, must get back to the basics which is living by the Word of God. As we approach these End Times, it is the author's hope that many will look at their own lives through the looking glass of God's Word so that they may not judge, but rather that they will not be judged in the last days.

Larry Adams is an accomplished author with forty-five plus years of experience examining God's Word and teaching others. He has written this book to help people avoid the many common pitfalls that plague our society that relate to God. He has seen amazing results from real situations and from real people by helping people with their perspective and false assumptions thereby leading them back to the basics of life and helping them interpret the Bible the way it was meant to be read and applied.

Certain dialogue in his book states what many already know. Parts of his book may seem controversial and will possibly stir up anger in some. The author candidly states and reminds us that many of Jesus' teachings were controversial to the religious in His day. Likewise, many of the religious of today may become offended. Jesus was not one to cower from being controversial. He spoke the truth. The author states that we must get back to the basics and base our lives on His Word and who He is. Assumptions do not help anyone. Come gain a deeper knowledge of God and His Word as the author challenges the reader to come up higher and gain wisdom in these last days.

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