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Why not, your book is worth it. After all you didn't write it so that no one could find it, buy it or read it. It is an extension of your dreams and desire to share the love of Christ with others. A desire that most likely came to you by the very Spirit of God.

Marketing a Christian book is not a easy task. It requires a marketing plan and a plan that targets the Christian reader. After all you haven't published a secular book, or a non fiction book. You have published a Christian book.

So where do you begin with regards to your Christian Book Marketing plan? The following packages will put the wheels into motion and provide you with expanded online marketing while creating a major online presence for you as author and your book.

Here are various Christian Book Marketing packages that CBM offers for the Christian Author:

~ Christian Author Article Blasts

A Author Article Blast consist of writing a article about the author's book. We also incorporate your book cover image and a link back to your authors website, blog or book page and place the marketing on 100 separate Christian sites for one full year. This is a great way to promote your book while building a online presence.

~ Professional Christian Book Review Service

Upon completion, we will send you via e-mail a copy of your book review, and have it professionally posted at 7 of our author book related sites plus on your Amazon page, Barnes and Noble page and at Goodreads. Each post of the book review comes with a image of your book cover and a link back to your authors website, blog or a book page of your choice. Get a professional Christian Book Review of your book.

~ Expanded Christian Book Review Marketing

We not only have the ability to professionally review your book. We also have the ability to place the book review on up to 100 separate Christian sites within our Christian network that all tap into the Christian Marketplace. Plus all of our sites are networked with other great networks, sites, communities, social communities, feeds and directories. The marketing simply expands into these areas also. Plus all of our services come with a link that leads people back to your authors website or blog.

~ Christian Author Press Release Package

A Author's Press Release can be a powerful marketing tool and a great way to place your book release in front of radio, television, news, publishers and other media professionals. A Author's Press Release does not have to cost you a arm and a leg. Let CBM write and submit your Christian Author's Press Release.

~Professionally Written Press Release Includes

~ Posted On 100 Author Related Sites
~ Press Release Submitted To Additional PR Sites
~ Press Release Will Be Exposed To Various Premier Social Networks
~ Press Release Will Be Picked Up By Powerful Feeds
~ Press Release Will Be Exposed To Various Media Organizations
~ A Copy Of The Press Release
~ Rights To Use The Press Release (as written, cannot be altered)

~ Christian Book Trailer Productions

Christian Book Trailers don't have to be expensive. After all the purpose of the book review is to market your book, not win a Grammy for the most money spent on the book trailer. We can create and produce a cost affective book trailer that will get your book up in lights.

~ Author Blogs Creations for The Christian Author

Every author needs a blog to share and showcase their book. We create Author blogs that have various stand alone pages just like a website, however, without the high cost. With your author's blog, you will get:

~ An About the Author Page.~ A Book Description Page.~ A Book Review Page.
~ A Press Release Page.
~ A Book Trailer Page.
~ A How and Where to Order Page.
~ A Contact Page.
~ The Ability To Post Content Directly (articles) To Your Blog By Email.
~ Social Marketing Buttons.
~ Direct Link To Your Author Book Page at Amazon.
~ and more ...

Christian Book Marketing by CBM Christian Book Marketing, Helping Christian Authors share the Kingdom of God and get the WORD out.