Author Henry Miranda, The Path to Eternal Life, Beware the Winds of Doctrine, Fellowship with God, You’ve Been Warned and Eternal Life

Author Henry Miranda is an accomplished author with 5 books releases to date to include, "The Path to Eternal Life, Beware the Winds of Doctrine, Fellowship with God, You've Been Warned and Eternal Life."

"The Path to Eternal Life" gives illumination to those who are seeking or new Christians alike, and provides answers as to who the Holy Spirit is and how we accept the free gift of salvation. Many will find comfort, purpose and salvation through this sound, biblically based and easy to read book.

"Beware the Winds of Doctrine" is an honest look at what doctrine is-the study of the Word of God-and is a call to know the Word of God, therefore, exposing false doctrine. In the last days the Bible warns that many will be deceived. Author Henry Miranda exhorts believers to know their Bible and to not depend on what they hear, but what they "know" according to the Word of God.

"Fellowship with God" was written to help others in their walk with Christ and to help them enjoy His many blessings. Take the road less traveled; even though it may difficult at times; the path leads to eternal life. It's worth it!

"You've Been Warned" reveals the deception of Satan and warns that the only way to safeguard against this is to become mature in Christ. This book will help those that are struggling with their faith or even doubting God. Henry Miranda reveals the scriptures in laymen's terms, unfolding for many, what true faith is.

"Eternal Life" addresses the controversial issue of life after death. According to the Word of God, the author exhorts the reader to come to choose the path of life that leads to eternal life with our creator.

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