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The cover of your book is one of the most important parts of publishing your book. You can have a great story, however, if you have a poor book cover design it can and will effect your chances of success.

The book cover is what people first see when searching online bookstores. Your book cover is also the first thing that a person sees sitting on the shelf at your local bookstore. People are visual and having a fantastic book cover is a must have and considered prime real estate when it comes to book publishing.

So where do you start? You can higher a graphic artist to create your book cover and if that is within your budget, I encourage you to do exactly that. There are many graphic artists that will create a complete book cover, back and front, with prices starting at $250.00 or less.

A graphic artist can create a beautiful book cover that will professionally represent your book. Yet what if you are on a tight budget, or possibly considering creating your own book cover using various templates that are available? Where do you find great photography at great prices or for free. Check out some of the following sites where you will find awesome photography and prices that will fit your budget.

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