Angel With A Mission by Author Donna Boddy

Title: Angel With A Mission
Author: Donna Boddy
ISBN # 9781462010615
Review Date: April 19, 2011
Reviewed by: Christian Book Reviews
10.0 on a scale of 10.0 stars

From Author Donna Boddy comes Angel With A Mission, a captivating and inspiring story of true love, tragedy, loss, and the restoration, forgiveness and redemption that is found in Christ. This intriguing novel offers immense hope in the midst of overcoming great adversity.

Let Author, Donna Boddy, transport you back in time, as she invites you to take a journey through life with young Kata. A woman who had everything this world had to offer. A promising career and fame, a loving husband and family, wealth, a high place in society, stability and security, but as life would have it sometimes these things can change rather abruptly. And although life is ever changing, what do you do about it when you come to the end of yourself and life as you once knew it has forever changed?

A triumphant story of restoration, this novel follows Kata during some of history’s most memorable moments to include war torn Germany, during the Great War. Kata weathers the dismal storms of many of these challenges and life’s tragedies, as we all have, but comes to find a greater hope. This is an overwhelming, emotional and delightful novel that will have you fully engaged. You will not be able to put this book down with this powerful novel that will have you sometimes crying and grabbing for a tissue, as you follow Kata through her life’s winding path.

Author Donna Boddy’s writing style flows so well and eloquently, it’s like you’re right there with Kata in each scene. This is a wonderful novel of a life interrupted by betrayal, war, sickness, death and tragedy, yet offers true biblical inspiration and strength to the trials and tribulations that we can all face in life. Relying on powerful spiritual truths, the author will lift you up and encourage you in your faith as you follow Kata on her life’s journey where you might find your own story within the pages of this exhilarating novel. None of us are exempt from life’s tragedies and tribulations. We all have our own grief to bear and burdens to carry. This novel will point you to the One that cares for you. Truly an encouraging, captivating, faith builder!

This book would make a wonderful ministry tool to those who are weary or to those that do not know Christ. One can look at your own life through the pages of this intricate novel and find that there is a familiar sense that we’ve all been there before. This novel will leave you with an undeniable and unshakable faith. A true mini-series in the making and I will be looking forward to the next sequel!

Angel With A Mission by Donna Boddy
Highly Recommended
Reviewed by: Christian Book Reviews
10.0 on a scale of 10.0 stars

A Must Read Book by Pastor Kwame Frimpong - Breaking Through To The Real You

Title: Breaking Through To The Real You
Author: Kwame Frimpong
ISBN # 978-1-4276-1682-1
Review Date: March 20, 2011
Reviewed by: Christian Book Reviews
10.0 stars on a scale of 10.0 stars

Breaking Through To The Real You by Pastor Kwame Frimpong is a powerful and inspiring book for all those who desire to walk in their true, God given purposes. Truly a Holy Spirit inspired writing, this book will … unlock doors that no man can shut…(Rev. 3:8) through the power of Jesus Christ within you and open your eyes to the manifest destiny that God has planned for you.

Let this faith-filled and encouraging book lift your faith to new levels. By applying the principles set forth by Author and Pastor Frimpong, this book will help to lift you up out of your current circumstances of mediocrity and enable you to discover the natural and spiritual gifts that lay dormant within you. This book will feed your soul with rich, faith-filled biblical truths and will transform your life. Come and discover the “real you” and what you were created to be as a child of God. This is a wonderfully written and powerful manual to help you break out and into the plans and purposes that God wants you walking in.

As the author writes, life is not about just surviving day to day; this is not the “abundant life” that Jesus Christ died on the cross to give to you. Life is about living life to the fullest, but living starts with knowing and utilizing the gifts that God has given to you to bless others. The author will help you to recognize the unique gifts that God has placed within you. This book will become a powerful and effective tool that will enable you to be highly effective within both your life and in the body of Christ.

By beginning with your natural flow, and branching off into your spiritual gifts, the author will show you how to discover your destiny. Giving insight and wisdom from years of experience, the author, gives you the keys to unlocking your gifts inside you. The author further speaks of obstacles and attitudes to overcome, encompassing opposition that might try to overcome you, but all the while providing you with the wisdom and knowledge to obtain the victory.

This book is vitally important to the body of Christ and for all those who desire to walk in God’s power and anointing for their lives. This is a timely and unequivocally necessary manual for the body of Christ or to the individual seeking to discover their destiny in God. Application of these biblical truths will greatly impact your life and encourage you to discover the destiny that you alone have in God. A highly recommended read for anyone looking to walk in God’s plan for his or her lives. A powerful, must read for the entire body of Christ.

This is a book you will want to keep with you at close range, in your car or near your bed, to read over and over. This is an interactive book with a question and answer series at the end of each chapter and a detailed “Destiny Survey” at the end of the book, which comes highly recommended to identify your strengths and gifts. This book would be useful also as a bible study for small groups as well. Praise be to God and thanks to the author for writing this much needed book

Breaking Through To The Real You by Author Kwame Frimpong

Reviewed by: Christian Book Reviews
10.0 stars on a scale of 10.0 stars

Christian Book Reviews - Rehearsing For Heaven by Mark B. Reed

Rehearsing for Heaven
Mark B. Reed
ISBN# 978-1450597777
Date Reviewed: May 10, 2011
Reviewed by: Christian Book Reviews
10.0 stars on a scale of 10 stars

Rehearsing for Heaven by Mark B. Reed is a fascinating, intriguing, informative and captivating read that will answer the important questions about eternal life and heaven. Author Mark B. Reed unravels the common lore surrounding heaven, enabling you to understand the purpose of creation, who you are, who God is and sheds light on the purpose of life here on this earth.

Through sound scriptural application, the mystery of heaven is revealed through clear and concise doctrine that answers crucial questions. Providing hope and inspiration for this life and the life hereafter, the author with his compelling scenarios and explanations will provide you with just some of the following:

A clear view of the majesty of heaven;
A deeper understanding and knowledge of the character of God;
A clear view of heaven’s values versus earthly temporal values;
The path to heaven;
Refocus your perspective about life here on earth;
Provide stability and hope for everyday life and a victorious future;
Reveal your destiny in God;
And much, much more.

“We choose to live for time or live for eternity”, states Reed (p. 108). I heard a pastor once say how sad it was that there were people on this earth just “existing.” Let this inspiring book bless you with the knowledge that life is not about just existing.

This book will re-focus your attention on preparing a life that is worthy of “heaven’s stage”, that is “unshakeable” and not perishable. Each one of us has a destiny that is predestined in God.

In this book, you will find that heaven is the ultimate goal of this life and that there is much more to living on this earth than just living. This book will help you realign your life according to heaven’s values. Life is the ”rehearsal for heaven”, come see why this is a true-to-life theme that cannot be overlooked.

This well written biblically based book will fill your heart with faith, increase your understanding and provide you with the life changing knowledge that will give you the tools to overcome life’s hurdles and find the victory that is yours through Christ.

Be prepared to take a journey filled with wise counsel that if received can be life changing and provide you with the keys to unlock life’s doors that will empower you to live a victorious, abundant life, while preparing you for eternity in heaven.

Rehearsing for Heaven by Mark B. Reed

Very Highly Recommended
10.0 stars on a scale of 10.0 stars
Reviewed by: Christian Book Reviews

Hang On It's Not Over Yet PR

( A Christian Book Marketing Press Release ) May 6, 2010

Hang On, It’s Not Over Yet
Author: Joseph Arhavbarien
ISBN 9781907294419
Adapted from CBM Book Review

Author Joseph Arhavbarien, releases a powerful book, built on the firm foundation of God’s Word -
“Life Changing, Encouraging and Faith Building”

Author Joseph Arhavbarien in his book, “Hang On, It’s Not Over Yet” writes in a concise and organized manner to show that in the face of great adversity one can move forward in life to realize their dreams and find victory.

The author sets a firm foundation upon which one can build, revealing a step by step path of finding success in life and how to overcome overwhelming circumstances, while exhorting the reader to have a definitive goal and not to give up, even in the face of great difficulties. The author continues to encourage all that a positive, believing attitude is of utmost importance while waiting for the unseen to be seen. The author reveals that all is not lost and that one must ‘hang on’ to their dreams while trusting and relying upon God Almighty to help bring them to pass.

The author teaches that trust and belief upon what God has spoken to you and upon what the Word of God says is also a key factor. This book continues to encourage the importance of searching out the scriptures and coming to the knowledge and wisdom of what God has to say about your life and your destiny, while teaching that all have a predestined destiny. This book will stretch your faith, stir your faith, strengthen your faith and help you to see your dreams come true.

Using his experiences, despite overwhelming circumstances, from his own life coupled with some notable historical figures, the author lays foundational principles that with faith in Christ through trust and perseverance, one can continue on to the road to victory. Despite situations, circumstances, age, gender, creed, culture or environment, this book will stir your faith that, “All things are possible with God and for those who believe”.

Not only a good read, this book is very uplifting and encouraging whereby it counsels one on the path of how to achieve great things in life and not only gain success in the temporal world we live in, but also keeping in mind the spiritual laws that also govern our world. As air is invisible to the naked eye, so to are the spiritual laws that God has set forth in this universe. The author encourages you to seek wisdom from God and therefore adhere to these spiritual laws.

“Hang On, It’s Not Over Yet” is a work of encouragement, not merely as words written, but from the application of life experiences of those finding victory in the face of great adversity and overwhelming obstacles.

This book will not only edify and encourage you to live your life to the fullest, but to also never give up on your dreams until you see them through to fruition.

Hang On, It’s Not Over Yet by Author Joseph Arhavbarien

A Must Read Book
Reviewed by: Christian Book Reviews

Book Review - Discovery In The Desert - It Will Shake The Nations

Title: Discovery In The Desert
“It Will Shake The Nations “
Author: Tom Thiele
ISBN # 978-0-615-42501-6
Review Date: May 4, 2011
Reviewed by: Christian Book Reviews
10.0 stars on a scale of 10 stars

David Hart is one of NASA’s brightest and best. Brilliant, ambitious, and driven would describe this young NASA “superstar” physicist. David, being the perfect fit for a Top Secret Classified Military project dubbed Project 13-03, was up for the challenges to come.

The highly classified position topped the list as one of NASA’s Top Classified Military projects. The task set before the team, assembled and headed by 28-year NASA veteran, Jesse Black, was to develop something man has only dreamed of. New dimensions of uncharted technology, that would allow human beings to travel through time. David would play a major role on the management team of this highly esteemed project, as David was about to embark on a mission of a lifetime!

After becoming fully engulfed in the project, the team realized something-Houston, we’ve got a problem- who would be the first person to travel back in time? The problem was so simple; if it had been the proverbial snake it would have bitten them. This insurmountable task turned Project 13-03 into one of NASA’s biggest possible blunders. This project, now almost complete at a hefty price tag of 500 million, the huge 17 ton Hercules and the Catapult which would make time travel possible was complete, except that there was no one to operate this huge piece of man-made technology.

Soon, the project was tagged “Project Monkey-Business”, as monkeys were the only available intelligent being to send into the black hole of time travel and to operate the capsule for a safe return. Yet David’s expectations were higher than that. David’s drive, ambition and desires demanded more.

Let Author, Tom Thiele, transport you back in time with this inspiring and captivating technological, sci-fi adventure of a lifetime! Be prepared to not be able to put this book down, as the author, reveals the ‘discovery in the desert’, something truly remarkable and life changing. This novel is an urgent, must read for our time. A prophetic call to the people and nations, and all nations around the world to Wake Up!

Intriguing, riveting and engaging, this novel is explosive and bold. Author, Tom Thiele will take you on an adventure of a lifetime that will rock your soul and stir you OUT of complacency. Be advised, this novel, will transform your life in the process. As David finds out, he is chosen for a very special, specific task that ‘will shake the nations’. Let your soul be shaken out of complacency and see what this brilliant author has to say.

Discovery In The Desert "It Will Shake The Nations" By Author Tom Thiele

Highly Recommended - A Must Read Book
10.0 stars on a scale of 10 stars
Reviewed by: Christian Book Reviews

Book Review - The Treasures Of Darkness

Title: The Treasures Of Darkness
Author: Carol Lee Anderson
ISBN: 9781453882351
Review Date: April 29, 2011
Reviewed by: Christian Book Reviews
9.8 on a scale of 10.0

A must read book, The Treasures Of Darkness by Carol Lee Anderson will keep you coming back for more as this mysterious novel unfolds.

With characters that will move the imagination, the author has masterfully woven the pages of this book together to captivate the soul. Expect to become fully engaged as the sinister plots unfolds and darkness attempts to prevail.

Cryptic messages, the mysterious words found in a diary, the mythical stranger, the powerful dragon god and the plot to overthrow the kingdom of Bellicosa are only but a few glimpses into this wonderful novel filled with mystery and imagination.

Framed from Psalm 107, the author sets a powerful backdrop from which an adventure story of intrigue, betrayal, and slavery prevail in the darkness, but yet there is a deliverer, the One who sets the captives free, that delivers men from their manifold troubles and fills the hungry soul with what is good. A triumphant novel filled with overcoming adversity in the midst of great trials.

Come and follow young Julen taken from her home as only a innocent child, only to be brought and sold into slavery with no hope of redemption, until she meets the mysterious One who is her deliverer, who has the power to break her bonds apart and set her high upon the rock and hidden from her enemies.

Set sail with young Damon and rebellious Jip. Follow Bina and Julen through the treacherous desert as they look for refuge in such a wasteland. Enlightening and captivating is this book, a must read and page-turner.

A captivating story of redemption and triumphant rescue. We are all treasures hidden in the darkness waiting for the One to rescue, come and be filled with hope. A wonderful and delightful novel.

The Treasures Of Darkness by Carol Lee Anderson

Highly Recommended
9.8 on a scale of 10.0
Reviewed by Christian Book Reviews