Press Release - WWDKG, Woman With Destiny in the Kingdom of God

(A CBM Press Release December 1, 2011)

Destiny Awaits Her!

Prepare to experience something beyond the ordinary! A woman wanting to touch the hem of Jesus' garment will be swept away on an incredible journey of discovery and love. Pause, soak in and hold tightly to the message from Christian author and speaker Marsha Lenski in her inspiring new book WWDKG, Woman With Destiny in the Kingdom of God. Curl up in that comfy chair with this wonderful new devotional and study of God's Word for the feminine heart!

"There's a place in every woman's life where she deserves a standing ovation," Marsha declares from the very first word. Every woman deserves to know a loving God agrees and calls her forward in a burst of heavenly applause. WWDKG is a lighthouse to wholeness and the secret that needs to come out: she is a gift to her world!

WWDKG speaks to a woman's Kingdom destiny and how it is designed with the delicacy of a fine crystal frame meant to hold the original artwork of her legacy. To God, her destiny will be as unique as the prints from the touch her fingertips leave behind, but it won't be an accident. Here a woman learns anew how to let God love her through Jesus Christ. Here is the devotional for one woman or for many to read together again and again.

A woman will have many encounters. God wants to be her # 1 encounter! WWDKG is a gift to women who want God's best for them and those with whom they share their lives. Lavish this one gift upon yourself or a lady in your life you want to applaud and encourage. No woman who reads it will be the same or ever want to settle again for anything less.

Marsha Lenski is the author of two previous books, From Sinking Sand and Pure Intentions. Each is filled to the brim with heart-passion to propel her readers to an appreciation for their God-given uniqueness and call. Her amazing and sometimes startling transparency will stretch your thinking and open your mind to the possibilities for healing, forgiveness and personal growth in spite of tremendous odds and impossibilities.

Marsha Lenski has opened her life on national television interviews that include "Life Today" with James and Betty Robison and CBN's 700 Club. In these interviews Marsha discusses her own moral failure described in her book From Sinking Sand, a must-read for the brokenness this country knows very well. She candidly reveals how God led her from the self-destructive blindness of adultery to the healing path of redemption and true self-discovery in the love of Jesus. Pat Robertson told audiences, "Marsha Lenski's story has touched a nerve in this nation." A courageous read you won't want to miss!

Women stand in line to hear Marsha share her love and passion, encouraging each to let God love her. One woman testified to the work of God in Marsha's life: "Marsha is a unique blend of steel and velvet. The Lord has developed in her the ability to be strong when needed, yet also to be a source of comfort and compassion. I have watched her in joyous times and in brutal times, and witnessed first-hand that dignity, courage and integrity are attributes of her character. Whether you encounter Marsha as an individual, in a group or in her writings, everyone leaves knowing they've had a Divine encounter."

With more than 25 years in ministry, Marsha's passion and message is one of hope and encouragement. She delights in having a part of God's work to empower others through the love of Jesus Christ.

Hailing from central Illinois, Marsha is available for speaking nationwide. You are invited to visit her website at Marsha Lenski or at Marsha Lenski Ministries and learn more about her books and ministry.

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