A Must Read Book by Pastor Kwame Frimpong - Breaking Through To The Real You

Title: Breaking Through To The Real You
Author: Kwame Frimpong
ISBN # 978-1-4276-1682-1
Review Date: March 20, 2011
Reviewed by: Christian Book Reviews
10.0 stars on a scale of 10.0 stars

Breaking Through To The Real You by Pastor Kwame Frimpong is a powerful and inspiring book for all those who desire to walk in their true, God given purposes. Truly a Holy Spirit inspired writing, this book will … unlock doors that no man can shut…(Rev. 3:8) through the power of Jesus Christ within you and open your eyes to the manifest destiny that God has planned for you.

Let this faith-filled and encouraging book lift your faith to new levels. By applying the principles set forth by Author and Pastor Frimpong, this book will help to lift you up out of your current circumstances of mediocrity and enable you to discover the natural and spiritual gifts that lay dormant within you. This book will feed your soul with rich, faith-filled biblical truths and will transform your life. Come and discover the “real you” and what you were created to be as a child of God. This is a wonderfully written and powerful manual to help you break out and into the plans and purposes that God wants you walking in.

As the author writes, life is not about just surviving day to day; this is not the “abundant life” that Jesus Christ died on the cross to give to you. Life is about living life to the fullest, but living starts with knowing and utilizing the gifts that God has given to you to bless others. The author will help you to recognize the unique gifts that God has placed within you. This book will become a powerful and effective tool that will enable you to be highly effective within both your life and in the body of Christ.

By beginning with your natural flow, and branching off into your spiritual gifts, the author will show you how to discover your destiny. Giving insight and wisdom from years of experience, the author, gives you the keys to unlocking your gifts inside you. The author further speaks of obstacles and attitudes to overcome, encompassing opposition that might try to overcome you, but all the while providing you with the wisdom and knowledge to obtain the victory.

This book is vitally important to the body of Christ and for all those who desire to walk in God’s power and anointing for their lives. This is a timely and unequivocally necessary manual for the body of Christ or to the individual seeking to discover their destiny in God. Application of these biblical truths will greatly impact your life and encourage you to discover the destiny that you alone have in God. A highly recommended read for anyone looking to walk in God’s plan for his or her lives. A powerful, must read for the entire body of Christ.

This is a book you will want to keep with you at close range, in your car or near your bed, to read over and over. This is an interactive book with a question and answer series at the end of each chapter and a detailed “Destiny Survey” at the end of the book, which comes highly recommended to identify your strengths and gifts. This book would be useful also as a bible study for small groups as well. Praise be to God and thanks to the author for writing this much needed book

Breaking Through To The Real You by Author Kwame Frimpong

Reviewed by: Christian Book Reviews
10.0 stars on a scale of 10.0 stars