Books In Review

Mission Possible

Here is a must read book for every Christian woman. Your spouse's salvation is something that God considers a priority. An unequally yoked marriage is difficult, but not impossible. Begin at home by reaching your mate for Christ. Our words, actions, attitudes and love will lay the foundation for God to work in your marriage. Your unsaved spouse is your "mission". That relationship is foremost on God's heart . By faith, begin have nothing to lose, and everything to gain.

Mission Possible is a "must have" book for any woman who is married to a man who does not share her passion for Jesus...

"Filled with blessings, encouragement, hope, faith and Kingdom principles".

Finding Great Books, Book Reviews And Online Bookstores

It is amazing when one visits a bookstore. Shelf after shelf after shelf of books for the eyes and book lover to behold. Just imagine a bookstore with shelves filled with every book ever written and printed. Now that would be one huge bookstore.

Of course for those of us that use the Internet and online bookstores to find great reads. We have quite a library of sites to visit and view. Sure makes life easier, plus there are great savings to be found ay many of the online bookstores, some that even offer free shipping.

Here are a few sites that you might enjoy viewing that have quite a collection of books. Take time to read the book reviews at some of these sites and most importantly, have fun.

Books In Review

Here are two great books by Author Sharon Roni Ellis. Seeing The Liberty, Sharon's newest release and Communions With Christ.

The Journey Of Eve's Daughter

By Author Sharon Roni Ellis

The Journey Of Eve's Daughter is a gripping tale told honestly. Spanning six decades, with all the walls down, Sharon reveals the bare gut wrenching truth of her passage through terror into glorious meeting and speaking with God.

Communions With Christ

By Author Sharon Ellis

This is a true story. An Archangel of the Lord appears to an unsuspecting housewife who had never been to church or read the Bible a day in her life. In doing the work of his Maker, God’s angel prepares the spirit of this biblically ignorant woman for what is soon to come. Then, Christ Jesus appears!

For more information on "Seeing The Liberty" and "Communions With Christ" visit Sharon at her site The Kingdom Of God In Earth.