From Fehrman Books, Conspiracy By Casey Alden

NOW AVAILABLE ON AMAZON – Conspiracy is the first novel in the Conspiracy series.

A mystery/thriller with elements of science fiction, it merges fiction with facts similar to Dan Brown’s The Da Vinci Code.

Conspiracy reveals the shadowy underside of the illusion we call reality, revolving around the discovery of an ancient shadow organization of immense power.

Reviews: “wild and unexpected”; “a real page turner”; “an unforgettable experience”. Michael Cross had a troubled past. Forces set into motion long before his birth put him in conflict with the ancient, secret organization. Who began the Brotherhood? How long had they existed? A hundred years? A thousand? In that time, they had gained massive power, even infiltrating governments. How can such an organization be destroyed? This is the task that Michael Cross faces. In his conflict with the Brotherhood he discovers a secret so overwhelming, so unimaginable that it changes his life forever.

One thing is certain–nothing is what it seems. Conspiracy is available through Amazon.